Nintendo is the only one advancing into virtual reality gaming

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thundercat2600 posted...
Kinect is WAY more VR-like than anything Nintendo has right now.

Absolutely. You only need watch the VR fight scene between Scarlet Johannson and Ewan McGregor in The Island, for example, and then contrast that with the self-deception that TC's peddling to see evidence of that.

iKhanic posted...
But their additions to consoles aren't gimmicks either. Motion controls was a major step forward into virtual reality.

If said 'additions' aren't used to their fullest potential then they most definitely deserve to be consigned to gimmick status.

With the Wii, I feel Nintendo missed an opportunity to really step on the necks of its competition and dominate with their controller set-up. One of the first things they should have commissioned was a Steel Battalion styled game in which you actually (and fully) pilot a mech. Throw in some RPG elements, customisation, good story, etc (a la Front Mission, eg) and you've got yourself a mecha fans wet dream right there. Or they could've used a multitude of other alternatives that would've been a more natural fit than the vast majority of Wii games they chose to run with.

Instead they opted for nonsense such as Far Cry, Conduit, NMH, Madworld and just glorified, low grade 'safe choice' parlour games in general that involve token gesture 'waggling' that's tantamount to nothing more than change for change's sake rather than actual innovation.

And speaking of which, re the Wii U gamepad, you cannot 'innovate' tech that already exists.
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I'd argue that if anything on the VR front, Nintendo would be in last place. They showed promise when they first unveiled the Wii.......and then they threw all that out the window.
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This topic would of made sorta more sense back in 2006, but just comes off as fanboyish now.