Am I the only one who doesn't like Reggie?

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The F*** is "your body is ready"?
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RHF posted...
I don't like how Reggie works for the company, keeping a lot of interesting titles away from us in the States, and leaving them in the Europe or Japan.

Where it takes the cries of fans and a petition to get three of them over, a year or 2 after their original release.

I actually get the feeling it was this Tatsumi Kirishima guy that was responsible for all of this, with him relegated elsewhere, I feel our chances of getting these interesting titles will increase 100 fold. Iwata seems to do a good job of listening to the fans, so who knows, right? I'm positive he'll have a hand in all the decision making from here on out.
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My body was ready...but nothing happened.

So I despise Reggie. Not to mention that since it was his face involved (regardless of if he was behind the decision-making process or not...which he likely had to be given his position), I blame him for the douchebaggery that almost cost North America the greatest console-exclusive RPG (and one of the five best of any genre) of this last 15 years.
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anyone who f***s with reggie, f***s with US
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Reggie was not the ceo... He was and still is, president. Also, you're crazy, TC. You don't mock Reggie. For God's sake, he's Giygas!
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Only people I know that like him are the hardcore nintendo fans, everyone else knows that he spews Pachter levels of bull****..
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Never liked him. Hes so boring comapred to the xbox and sony guys.
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fat is the in thing in nintendo.
Reggie win!
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CSplitter posted...
I never liked him.

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Reggie was always a dick.