Nintendo: "Our E3 conference will be all about already announced games"

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name_unknown posted...
N Direct limits information though it will only go to Nintendo fans and then gamers who frequent websites for news. It will never reach the casuals and bring in a bigger base. Putting the burden on the consumer to get info will only hurt Nintendo even further.

I agree, I don't think its a good thing that we'll only hear of new games through Nintendo directs. I enjoy watching them but they do not compete with the amount of coverage that E3 press conferences get as you don't just have the the games media there, you also have journalists from the BBC and the New york times etc

I have to assume that Nintendo know all of this so I don't understand why they would not do a conference.
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You're all such drama queens. You belong in a hair salon.

Nintendo has been holding their own "Mini E3" sessions for a while now with these Nintendo Direct video feeds. Think about how many games they've unveiled in those that would have normally been revelealed in an E3 conference.

They don't NEED to use E3 for that purpose right now because they're doing it all on their own. Is it really a surprise that they will only be talking about already announced games considering how many they have revealed to be in production?
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To anyone worrying about press coverage, they basically plan to take the difference press into a room and shove games in their face. It's just going to be more hands-on coverage rather than presentation analysis.

And if you took the last few Nintendo Directs and added trailers, it probably would of been a very impressive E3 showing. I think Nintendo just wants to do their own thing, and hey, now you don't need to sit through assorted charts and data for stock investors.
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Nintendo, remember your franchise Metroid?
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God, can Nintendo do anything right?! They need to be using the event to announce new games.
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Sailor Goon posted...
God, can Nintendo do anything right?! They need to be using the event to announce new games.

No kidding that's kind of the whole point of E3
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PhaseBlack posted...


Don't actually mind them just focusing on games this year.
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It is actually pretty clever. While Sony and MS fans get boring shows about everything NOT directly a game, Nintendo will be showing basically games.

This is assuming this is what they are actually doing, of course.
But it could leave Nintendo fans happy they saw games and the rest gets a lot of boring spin.
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Nintendo e3 conferences are always terrible Im glad there not having one this year.
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Damn... so only Mariokart, smash bros, Windwaker HD, New zelda, bayonetta 2, Fire emblem, Yoshi, and a new Mario?

Nintendo betrayed us again :(
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