Nintendo not doing E3 press forces Adam Sessler to make an emergency video

#1OtakuGameraPosted 4/25/2013 5:02:27 PM

one notable thing:

"nintendo knows microsoft and sony are gonna bring it big with their new consoles event, they know it's so big they're not even gonna bother (or too afraid) competing with them"

sounded true, and what adam said is right, nintendo direct is good, but all it does is gives the news to hardcore fans, if you noticed, nintendo directs concurrent views only ever reached 20-30k
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#2BuretsuPosted 4/25/2013 5:06:09 PM
Will he make a video explaining how we're supposed to think he's still relevant?
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#3SS4_NamreppivPosted 4/25/2013 5:06:45 PM
Sessler has been anti nintendo for ages, so I expect him to be biased against them. His opinion also doesn't matter.
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#4Murderstorm117Posted 4/25/2013 5:07:22 PM
People on this forum don't want to hear the truth namely that
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#5icarus231Posted 4/25/2013 5:08:17 PM
E3 gets their point out to about as many people as the ND i would guess. E3 is irrelevant to non gamers. Gamers that like nintendo know about ND and watch them.
#6GiygasminionPosted 4/25/2013 5:08:33 PM
Adam Sessler is almost as big of a joke as Pachter. Why does the press insist on making everything a macho contest?

Nintendo's been slammed the past couple of E3s. They've also found a great way to communicate their games' messages throughout the year with Nintendo Direct. The executives clearly decided that it was time to switch focus.

Also, anybody saying the information won't reach the mainstream audience because of this information is fooling themselves. We live in an information age-- Nintendo Direct information is plastered on Facebook, Twitter, IGN, Gametrailers, etc. Everybody heard about Link to the Past 2 last week.
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#7EmeralDragon23Posted 4/25/2013 5:08:45 PM
I agree.

Like, anyone who watches Nintendo Direct was going to buy a Wii U at some point anyway.

They have to convince people who wouldn't usually do .
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#8icarus231Posted 4/25/2013 5:09:13 PM
Murderstorm117 posted...
People on this forum don't want to hear the truth namely that

cause sessler's opinion really matters
#9PulpPosted 4/25/2013 5:09:30 PM
Murderstorm117 posted...
People on this forum don't want to hear the truth

I've never been a big fan of sticking my head in the sand, but if that's what some kids really want to do, you can't stop them.

It's bad news for the Wii U, period.
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#10VRX3000Posted 4/25/2013 5:09:39 PM
Every Nintendo Direct gets tons of coverage on websites anyway. What makes him think that this one will magically be ignored.
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