Xenoblade Chronicles HD?

#11KenauePosted 4/26/2013 3:01:15 AM
They need to either do an HD port, or reprint the damn game. It's impossible to find now, and it's like a year old at most....
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senelcoolidge_ posted...
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TLS battle system was gimmicky garbage with horrid AI. The only reason why it worked is because the game is so pathetically easy. Xenoblade combat is much more strategic.

Pressing the A button 3 times to do a combo is a gimmick now? Otherwise, I'm uncertain what you mean.

No, you win most battles by abusing a gimmick or gimmicky tactics, rather than actual strategy and good setups. The developers often give you a way to do major damage without having to resort to actual smart tactics. It's also way too easy to powerlevel up to the point that you can wreck everything without thinking. Xenoblade can become overleveled if you go out of your way to do tons of quests. In TLS, you can do that by spending 10-15 minutes of repeating certain battles. After that you can just roflstomp until you get to the next point where you can do that... and it's even faster to play this way than it is to play normally as well.
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Wouldn't be too interested in a HD version, but we need to hear some more news about X. If it's playable at E3 we might have a chance of a release this year, but they haven't said much about it...