lol, my gamepad desynced during the update

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3 years ago#1
then the console restarted and picked off at 80%

3 years ago#2
It did that for me. It's normal, because it also updates the Gamepad. - Lazer Light Studios - Home of the MM2 PTC project
3 years ago#3
Did that to me too. Scared me for a second. Almost thought it messed up my gamepad.
3 years ago#4
that's a relief to hear.
it had an error code, so i thought it was an off chance sort of thing
3 years ago#5
Mine failed to update the first time and i thought oh great now it's bricked.
Just a false alarm. I reset and everything was fine. Update finished and now i can get back to some real gaming!
3 years ago#6
I got the message: "Updating the Gamepad failed". Then the Wii U restarted and picked up the download Again. And finish it. I almost got a Heart attack when that message showed up..
3 years ago#7
I think that happens every time. At around the 80% point, something must be rewritten that causes the Gamepad to desynch. It's not different from any other update that says "please restart in order to continue the update", I guess.
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  3. lol, my gamepad desynced during the update

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