If you haven't bought a Wii U but plan to, what are you waiting on?

#31Numbuh100Posted 4/26/2013 5:43:27 PM
StrongBlackVine posted...
I will never buy it.

I'll never buy a Vita. The 3DS has better games. Problem?
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biggy204 posted...
Hackfestreturns posted...
I'm waiting for a price of $129. At that point, it will have a TON of AAA games for around $15-$20 a piece. Also, it will finally be worth owning. In the mean time, I'll play PS4.

Wait you already have a PS4??? 0_o

Or are you just one of those people that are jumping the PS4 bandwagon well before its proper reveal and whether or not you will get it upon its release. Since you know the PS4 is still a ways away (a few months possibly rumored by then end of the year).

Is that your level of deducing? Bravo. Please note that I was explaining when I would get a Wii U. When the Wii U is $129 PS4 will have been out for a while. But yeah, I'll "jump the PS4 bandwagon", I've enjoyed all of their consoles, they've given me no reason to worry. I haven't liked Nintendo since SNES, they've given me plenty reason to be cautious.
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a price drop.

$250 sounds about the right price to me.
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