Today I discovered Mario World have the best level design in the series!

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TalentedM posted...
Opinions can't be facts. However, I agree with your opinion!

SMW is one of my favorites next to Yoshis Island and SM3 and NSMBU.

It was kind of a joke, but I strongly believe it have timeless level design like 50 years from now people will still find it super fun.
The games you mentioned is near it too, you know the people at Nintendo is really scary this same game without changes will still sell 100s of thousends even on the consoles after WiiU what other company have games like this... maybe Sonic 1.
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SnowToilet posted...
Today I discovered that you are quite right. I always favored SMW's level design choices over many titles of its time until I played Astal for the first time.
Super Mario World is quite a fine product.

ASTAL>>>>>>>>super mario world
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For me it's pretty much as close as it could possibly be, but I'd have to give the very slight edge to SMB3. The funny thing is that I grew up playing SMW and didn't play SMB3 until a few years later, so I actually have more nostalgia for SMW but I still find SMB3 to be the better game.