how long did the new update take you

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User Info: rawxfoxdog

3 years ago#1
Im at my friends cos' i have no wifi or internet. My wii u says estimated time 02:22 and its already been an hour
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User Info: Zero280

3 years ago#2
1 hour 40 some minutes with a 1.5mbps connection on the first day.
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User Info: PeteyParker

3 years ago#3
between the download and the installation I think it was a little over 30 minutes. It seemed to take forever to actually install.
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User Info: powerade911

3 years ago#4
about half an hour.
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User Info: zender1999

3 years ago#5
34 minutes

User Info: greatone101

3 years ago#6
15 minutes

User Info: GoombaX

3 years ago#7
about 22 minutes, may have been quicker but i was downloading some missing dlc on my 360 for Borderlands 2.
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User Info: Tortus2

3 years ago#8
The download and install was about 45 minutes to an hour for me, which surprised me to be honest with how my Internet usually is.
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

3 years ago#9
roughly 30min
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 years ago#10
Roughly 1/2 hour (26 minutes and change) from download start to install complete.
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