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Nintendo should release their console last for 9th gen (Poll)
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Grenadus124/26 10:18PM
WTF digital prices!
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LittleKing1986154/26 9:41PM
The Wii U feels very lackluster
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TheMisterManGuy724/26 8:57PM
got $9 to spend in eshopEazyERock104/26 8:54PM
Will there be gang wars in New Los Angeles in Xenoblade Chronicles X?Mettagame74/26 8:50PM
Here's an album of Splatoon wallpapers I made to share with you allNoponIntended64/26 8:39PM
Instead of the NSMB. series...BlueLinkHero44/26 8:22PM
What kind of storage are you using? (Poll)
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kdognumba1294/26 8:04PM
Please bring back rail shooters!DesperateMonkey74/26 7:16PM
so Nintendo can't pick up kojima and and ff creator?omniryu44/26 7:10PM
I want Nintendo to get Squeenix to put FF: Dimensions on the Wii U.PS4Warrior54/26 6:56PM
Do you think we'll get at least one new Fire Emblem game on the Wii U?Xeno_Cyclops44/26 6:50PM
Cosmochoria still not looking good for Wii UPS4Warrior14/26 6:47PM
Anyway to get dk64 in full screen?thefabregas22104/26 6:16PM
Would you buy mods for Wii U games, like how people can buy Skyrim mods on PC? (Poll)
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Kyle1022204/26 6:14PM
what is power? what is graphics? help me understand!omniryu34/26 6:10PM
How to switch user Miis?crap monkey24/26 5:59PM
Comparison Poll #1 Megaman vs Mario (Poll)
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Brewster123194/26 5:35PM
QR code questionThe_Coward133744/26 5:23PM
What should I get, Pushmo World or Crashmo and why? (Poll)Charftino84/26 5:06PM