Challenge: Name one thing Nintendo is doing right with the Wii U

#21Golden MavenPosted 4/29/2013 10:24:13 PM
Acknowledging the shortcomings. It's rather bittersweet though, because it was easy to see coming and they knew damn well it would happen.
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Nintendo has finally realized after 6 years the importance of digital distribution, and how they can actually make more money when consumers purchase digitally.

The 30 cent games are nice, and when you see their sales figures at the end of the month, these games are always the best sellers. The sales of digital games also helps the console.

If Nintendo were smart, they would continue to have sales on digital games. This is beneficial as it means more people will go the eShop to make impulse buys, but also encourages on-line connectivity.

In Nintendo's 2012 financial report, it was stated that 80% of 3DS and Wii U are connected to the internet, which surprisingly, is a higher percentage than both PS3 or the 360. I feel the best you can hope for is around 90%, but having a high amount of the consoles connected means more people have the opportunity to purchase games.
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"Challenge: Name one thing Nintendo is doing right with the Wii U"

Testing people's patients.
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Focus on games. Yeah, it's slow with releases, but it is a game machine. Ps3's focus is social gaming and MS most likely won't focus on games either.
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I think they are trying to catch up to the 360 and ps3 in terms of online capability and other issues. Im glad they are trying to implement online even if it is initially terrible.

They are trying and that is pretty much the one thing they are doing right currently.
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Gamepad is awesome.
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MR_Smarty_Pants posted...
"Challenge: Name one thing Nintendo is doing right with the Wii U"

Testing people's patients.

I'm not a doctor or anything of that sort. I don't have any patients.
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Miiverse is amazing
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Earthbound on VC
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scribblenauts and mario on launch
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