Now that the Wii U has been hacked. Will sales improve?

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I advise you to look up "mostly" in a dictionary.
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This is great news, if true. Hopefully it will be available by the time the big releases start hitting shelves.
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Revival125 posted...
Dont forget the PSP. Modded to death but still sold a ton of consoles.

Hacked portables are more useful, emulators are neat when portable but if you're glued to a TV you might as well be using a PC.
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The last guy that posted a link to the website got his topic modded. If you google it you can find it easily.
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I'm not sure why you guys are so skeptic. Most sites that have reported it are illegal to link to on Gamefaqs, but the Wii U has indeed been hacked. It allows you to play any game through USB stage. This was done by the same team that played a key role in hacking the Wii as far as it's been hacked.
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