Why do Nintendo games never drop in price?

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The reason we see little to no drop in price is because Nintendo is an anomaly in regards to video game software (games). When we observe most games, their sales the first month on the shelves equates to the vast majority of their overall sales. This is why we see games for $20 off or half off after a month, because retailers do not want to have extra software on their shelves that will not sell, so they have a sale to at least break even and get their inventory down.

Nintendo's software, on the other hand, is referred to as ever green. While sales initially are high, the unique aspect of their games is that they continue to have measurable sales months and even years after release.

As a consumer, it means if you see games that are on sale, you better snatch them up fast because it often signifies that the particular retailer has bough too many units (games) and needs to get some out the door. It could also mean they simply want you in the doors to buy another item that will generate profit for the given retailer.

It is not until very late, once a game has sold millions of copies, that Nintendo will make the game a Nintendo Choice or Nintendo Select game, and sell it for $20.

^This is truth

Nintendo games sell continually, while competitors games tend to drop quickly in favor of the next flavor of the week......

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Hes pretty much right. Nintendo games sell continually, you see Miyamoto referencing their intent to release games that have life spans of 2-3 years, unlike most companies these days which sell really close to release the bulk of their product.
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We still get shipments of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in at work....Guess what, they're ALL still $34.99.
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We still get shipments of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum in at work....Guess what, they're ALL still $34.99.

Pokemon is kind of a mystery, because it actually *does* go pretty much obsolete with new generations, yet the price never falls. Crazy kids.
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