New rumored Wii U Sonic game

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DTY3 posted...
This,but Sonic and Shadow stages were at least fun to playthrough.

Exactly. A good time can be had from the stages, but I'm just pointing out their flaws.

SA2 fanboys love to get their panties in a bunch when you don't hail SA2 as the greatest game ever made.

And thats why I don't go to Sonic Retro. Seriously you should see how much they praise SA2 and 06.
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"There was a thread on /v/, shortly after the original thread that started all of this, that explained exactly how the entire rumor is fake (created by /v/ tripuser Ben Spurr), and someone edited the HTML (instead of Photoshop, makes it look more legit) on one of Ben Spurr/Wentos/Wintos' posts. They changed the message to closely describe Sonic Generations, screencapped that, and posted it to make it look like it came from 2011 (even with an earlier post number) a few months before the Generations announcement. Now all the news blogs are citing that as the reason why this leak could be legit, since it's coming from the guy that was right about Sonic Generations, after all.

To clarify about the tripcode: You can have whatever name you want in the name field, but the tripcode is more like the actual username. The tripcode matches with Ben Spurr's, so it was Ben Spurr, NOT the original Wentos at all. Which is also why Wintos/Wentos doesn't matter.

In short, the Generations leak screenshot is a fake. The rumor is 100% fake. It's probably too late to stop it. Do with this knowledge what you will."

Ben Spurr...for anyone who's a veteran of the Sonic boards here on GameFAQs, you would know him as a certain member named Bendilin. Haven't seen him in a long time.
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