Nintendo PMs Wii owners to buy WiiU; "Not just an upgrade".

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HereticKitsune posted...
...I don't see the problem here, or how it's desperate. They screwed up by not marketing the Wii U properly so people think it's just an upgrade or add-on for the Wii rather than a new console (they focused too much on promoting the gamepad alone rather than everything else the Wii U can do). To fix this, they directly tell Wii owners that, yes, it's a new console. It's a good idea and I'm surprised they just now got around to doing it. A lot easier and cheaper than pretty much every alternative, and very effective.

Besides, are you guys going to tell me that Sony and Microsoft aren't going to do basically the same thing when their new systems pop up? I'm almost positive that there will be tons of advertisements on the PSN and Live for their respective new systems.

Thats not exactly proper marketing either. Proper marketing would be commercials and ads and tv talk show spots demonstrating the benefit to owning a Wii U over a Wii. This is really a barebones plea for people to recognize what the console is. Saying "its smart" isnt really accurate. Its smarter than what they have been doing, but its more indicative of a complete marketing disaster to the point where you practically have to walk up and explain what the product is, which shouldve been established prior to launch. At this point, even if they get that former wii sport/fit playing non-gamer housewife's attention then what? Why should she buy a Wii U? Because its new? Is there a new wii u sports or wii u fit?Sony and Microsoft are already doing this, which is why the media is practically hanging on their every word and essentially forgot about the Wii U.
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^That's basically what I was saying. The fact that they feel they have to do this just so people will understand it's a new console indicates a marketing disaster of the highest order.
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I like how people are being critical of this, as if there is anything remotely negative about messaging Wii owners.

And no, they shouldn't have done this earlier. They've intentionally not marketed the system heavily because they didn't have games ready and the more systems sold, the more it hurt their bottom line (since the system is sold at a loss). This is why they didn't send a message like this until the week after their financial reports came out. Now is when they start pushing the system. Now they can take a loss and then focus on recouping the loss without having to explain to investors why they didn't turn a profit (which they only did baaarely.)

Sucks for us early adopters, makes sense for their bottom line though.
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i thought this was gamefaqs, not marketingfaqs. dont you all have video games to talk about?

i picked up baten kaitos the other day. its pretty cool. i rented it when i was young and i didnt like it. but now that im older, i can appreciate it a bit more.
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a good marketing move... although seeing the sales and doing it now makes them seem desperate.

someone one those boards put it really well "nintendo didn't even realize what kind of market they tapped into with the wii"
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sejan12 posted...
I don't see what is so bad about Nintendo advertising itself via its own messaging system. Should have happened within a month of release though.

People like u who only see in monotone black or white are annoying.

Monotone/ Nintendrone response to nintendos action: they complain about no advertisement then when they do advertise they still complain.

Everyone else/ my response to nintendos action: LMAO! wow.. x )
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I wouldn't be surprised if "Not just an upgrade" becomes their next big marketing campaign. It would be sad but kinda cool at the same time IMO.
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Bigmac909 posted...
I wouldn't be surprised if "Not just an upgrade" becomes their next big marketing campaign. It would be sad but kinda cool at the same time IMO.

I C your point. It'd be a fail-win. (win resulting from failure) It would sound cool too.
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jackorhoads posted...
The marketing has been terrible yes but you seriously think people aren't complaining? really?! most topics on this site are complaints.

They aren't complaints relating to not knowing that the Wii U is a different console, they're complaints related to how poor Nintendo's general execution and support of the Wii U has been. Two different things.

Except that the complaints have been blatantly hypocritical. They complain about something Nintendo is or isn't doing. When it turns out that they're wrong, or when Nintendo changes strategies, they turn right around and complain about the opposite. It is trolling at its most blatant, and it is happening right here in this very topic thread.
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I'll upgrade. When the upgrade doesn't cost so much and/or I'm sure I won't get screw over when a super platinum version comes out later.
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