Man this has got to be the most hated console of all time :/

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Dudeman315 posted...

Saturn had 3 processors and was hard to program for...
PS3 had 3 processors and was hard to program for...
Xbox joined the party late in the 6th...So PS2 vs Gamecube

Wrong on the last point.
PS2- came out March 2000 (Japan), Oct 2000 (North America)
Gamecube- came out Sept 2001 (Japan), Nov 2001 (NA)
XBox- came out Nov 2001 (NA), Feb 2002 (Japan)

Xbox didn't arrive late, it arrived with the bulk of the generation. PS2 arrived one year ahead of its competitors (Dreamcast notwithstanding). Gamecube & Xbox arrived together.

Most people just ignored the Dreamcast, starting the clock for the generation with the release of the PS2 (1998-2000, the years the Dreamcast was out before the PS2, were considered the peak years of the Fifth Gen). Same pattern with the Fifth Gen having the clock started with the Saturn/PS1 releases (Dec 1994 Japan each, May/Sept 1995 & Sept 1995 in North America) instead of with Jaguar & 3DO, which did belong to that generation and came out in 1993. Once again 93-94 were considered the peak years for the 16-bit era.