I'm just wondering, since people feel the marketing is poor...

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3 years ago#1
How would you have advertised the Wii U? I agree that the marketing and advertising for the Wii U is lacking something, but I'll admit advertising the Wii U on Wii isn't too bad of an idea, but the general people feel its still desperate.

So, if you had to handle marketing, what would you have done different? Remember, you can't change anything about what is given. You're marketing the Wii U now and it's current games.
3 years ago#2
The issue isn't the marketing, its the console itself.
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3 years ago#3
The issue IS marketing. Ive been working in marketing professionally since 1999.

A) Drop the name Wii. The average consumer is not on message boards or anywhere else reading bullet points about what's different about this thing. All they know is they already own a Wii and feel no need to spend $350 on another one.

B) Really should have gotten away from the motion controls. That is tying it back to the Wii, and Nintendo is trying to milk something that so many people have already had their fill of. They tried this with the GBA, and what happened? Was replaced just 3 years later when sales were much lower than expected, with something very different, the DS. Wii = Gameboy, U = GBA, next original console = DS.

C) More TV advertising focused on how this isnt just another Wii (which I guess it is anyway). Ive seen one commercial only maybe a couple times on TV. Needs to show up during sporting events, NBA playoffs, American Idol. They arent putting enough money behind this thing.

D) The uniqueness of the gamepad needs to be what people are talking about so the word gets around. "What about this thing makes me want to own it?". Well it sure isnt motion controls. Been playing that for the last 6 years. So it comes down to the gamepad, but Nintendoland is not even remotely fun enough to get buzz spreading around the world about how cool the controller is. This needs one hardcore big time addictive game that uses that controller in some very useful way, not just maps or item selection.

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3 years ago#4
Basically what I mean by D) is this system NEEDS a Halo. Halo alone sold many, many millions of Xbox's, a brand new console with 0 selling power on its own. It needs that one game that people are talking about.

For the Wii that was Wii Sports. It was perfect, well Nintendoland is not filling that void. Its just very possible that the gamepad just isnt compelling enough and may never be, so this aspect of it could be impossible.
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3 years ago#5
Did this guy just try and compare the GBA's commercial success to Wii U's? No. The GBA was VERY successful, and still had lots of games coming out for it even when the DS was out.
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3 years ago#6
@ trenken

I can agree with the fact that it does need proper advertising, heck I've never seen any adverts for it myself.

Although, I couldn't agree with A and B, I stated that you have to market the Wii U as it is right now, meaning you can't change the name or drop motion controls entirely, you have to market it as is. Although, you could develop games without motion control or optional motion control, and still develop some motion games to appeal to casuals still.

D is sort of agree and disagree for me. Sure it needs a game like Halo that will get people talking, or killer app, but the Wii U has games on its own worth talking about or discussing still right now. Monster Hunter, ZombiU, and Nintendo Land are games I would suggest to anyone thinking about buying a Wii U, and Nintendo Land is still fun with multiplayer, I've shared it with my friends and shown them Nintendo Land first and they agreed it was good. In other words, D is just opinion, but I'll agree with it still only because you feel that it requires a killer app.

I basically mean to say about D although I can agree about the "killer app" part, there still are games that are worth the time right now.
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