Opening up and setting up my system 5 months after it was purchased...

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Nintendo's online infrastructure isn't really cutting edge. I agree that the updates take forever. Then take another forever to install. You might need to do 2 updates unless they slipstreamed them. In which case you're looking at 2hrs of update/installing.

I can't defend Nintendo in this area. The download times are horrendous compared to the competition.

Sony's seems pretty horrible too. I dread any updates.

Especially when they update the store's interface.
Ugh. Who greenlit that THING? What, was someone at Sony molested by convenience as a child, or something? It's so clunky and awful, it feels like I'm using a phone to search through the store's wares.
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They probably bottleneck how fast an individual can download in order to ensure the servers never become overwhelmed.

Considering they were expecting sales far greater than what they are, I'm sure their network isn't excessively taxed.

Hopefully the background downloading and installing should mostly solve the problem.
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