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Would you rather Metroid Other M 2 be a Wii U or 3DS title?
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MetroidOtherM2137/21 9:04PM
so does any of the big 10A games coming up have a chance to be best game (Poll)
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hydrocrush197/21 8:48PM
Conan's Clueless Gamer review of Smash Bros. I almost peed my pants.
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Christopher Belmont277/21 8:41PM
Can we trade games on this board?ObligatoryFate67/21 8:02PM
So who thinks XC will be bundled with XCX? (Poll)brentendo387/21 8:01PM
Is epic mickey 2 worth 6 dollars?ZatchBell87/21 7:59PM
Can you download Mario 64 for this?Breaker107/21 7:57PM
Zelda Wii U to have Multiplayertxlion27/21 7:54PM
[Poll] Are you happy that Zelda Wii U will be a vast open world game? (Poll)
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BaronVladz387/21 7:53PM
Say I wanna buy Super Mario Bros 3... Wii U or 3DS?Meowth47/21 7:53PM
Will a gamer from this current era enjoy Earthbound?Felix_XI87/21 7:47PM
Hyrule Warriors - will there be reviews before in launches in North America?teh1337gosu87/21 7:41PM
How do you think Nintendo will use the Gamepad in upcoming games.
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Dannyson97117/21 7:38PM
Hypothetical: Metroid Other M 2 is announced for the Wii U, gamepad use?
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MetroidOtherM2117/21 7:37PM
Do people really think Nintendo didn't take Operation Rainfall into account?iKhanic107/21 7:36PM
Super Mario 3D World control feels strange
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GuhGat177/21 7:28PM
if my external hdd dies, can i just re-download all of my games?yummychop57/21 7:21PM
Any rumblings of a Square Game / Crystal Chronicles?
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PotatosPls207/21 7:14PM
pikmin 3 helpAceMos67/21 7:10PM
anyone hyped for fatal frame & devil's 3rd?
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mewmew42177/21 6:46PM