Solomon's Key coming to VC!!!

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Off-TV play is a big selling point..

For a small minority of gamers.

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STN79 posted...
I can see some games being more playable on Wii U with the added restore points.
The Ninja Gaiden games for one would be much more tolerable. N3 especially since there's a limit on continues. I still hope they don't just load us up on mostly stuff we already have on Wii. At least Earthbound will be something never on Wii before.

Yeah, I'm hoping so too. At the rate they're giving out VC titles, I'd want some new ones too. Though actually I hope they re-release the DKC trilogy soon, because it's not available on the Wii anymore.

Wait. I have not been keeping up with all of this... They're actually removing things from the Wii VC?
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#13STN79Posted 5/4/2013 4:21:23 PM
Several games have been removed from VC. The R-type games, DKC series, Sim City, TMNT (Nes) oh and a glitched Commodore 64 game called last Ninja 3. There's a few others i can't remember off hand as well.
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That is rather disappointing. I guess if they need to keep the license for them, it is console specific. Would be nicer if it were more like "available on the Nintendo Virtual Console across all current platforms" but alas...

This business with a screen filter over NES games is terrible too.
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I bought this game when it first came out on the NES and finished it. I bought it and Wizards & Warriors on the same day. Great day! Solomon's Key is one of the finest games I've ever played.
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I don't know about off-TV play... but a Solomon's Key with save states? Killer app.
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last ninja 3 was on there?

in the us?

also, all of irem's games and data east's games left due to going out of business and loss of licensing rights respectively.
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