ITT: Terms gamers use that are usually used wrong.

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This thread was taken from ZeroArchery, but I feel it is relevant on all the message boards.

"I think it's interesting the lingo we use without thinking about it, and we usually use the term wrong, or say to make a point. A few that I've noticed:

OCD - people use this term beyond loosely.

Fanboy - This is used as an insult for anything that someone usually doesn't agree with.

Troll - This is used as an insult for anything that someone usually doesn't agree with.

Cheating - the word Cheating has lost its meaning. We use it to describe anything that's unfair, we call those who beat us cheaters- because of how hard it is to tell the difference. People who use cheat devices (It's in the name) say they are not cheating as well- adding to the botched meaning. It's a word that's used left and right with no precise meaning anymore.

That's just to start it off, what other terms do you see people use incorrectly?"
I'd like to add Gimmick personally to this list - A negative word that means something horrible
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Anything a console-only gamer says relating to hardware components





Troll (Specifically this site's forums)
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Pay to Win

I can't think of one game that actually requires you to pay extra money to win. Usually it's just top-tier items that are available by playing the game regularly. It's just something gamers say because they are offended that people can pay to skip the boring parts of games.
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"under powered"
Well, I suppose it's time to get kidnapped again...
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"N00b", but that's been going on for years...
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Yeah, that's a problem games had back then. You actually had to get good at them. - Mctias
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ITT: things people say about Nintendo that are true but fanboys won't admit it.
I knew we forgot