There is no reason to own a Wiiu

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ZatchBell posted...
As of right now there is no compelling reason to own a Wiiu thus the poor sales. There is no AAA exclusive title on the system as of right now and won't be in the near future. Nintendo needs to give people who own a Wii reason to upgrade. Right now there isn't one.

Is that mean there's no need buy ps4? ps4 launch lineup sucks.
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Right now? Nope. Although I DID turn it on a few days run the update. Then I shut it off again.

Though I may turn it on again to see if it really does now upscale Wii games. Love to play Xenoblade with upscaled graphics.


Hey Sony & Microsoft, ya hear that? Make yer stinkin' machines backward compatible with yer PS3/360 games! The only reason ya have in not doin' so is ta rip-off yer customers by makin' 'em PAY for the games they already bought before as an over-sized download!

LOVE ta see how long it takes ta download Ar Tonelico 3 an' L.A.' how fast yer customers blow past their download caps ta do so!

Ya Jerks!
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Fou Lu posted...
airfoemoe posted...
Bayonetta 2 is Nintendo's big gamble.

Gamble? Nope. First game did so poorly, it never got a sequel until Nintendo paid them for one. It's a straight up mistake that's gonna cost them.

I wonder how much did they pay them? Like how many copies does it take before it's profitable. if Nintendo budgeted accordingly it might not be that big of a risk, but i doubt they did, kind of like how SE thought Tomb Raider would magically sell 4x more than it ever did.
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I'm pretty sure everyone realizes this.

However there is a small group of people who enjoy the games currently available on the system. That small group pretty much makes up this board. There isn't anything wrong with that either, it's just that 99% of people have no reason to buy this/will never buy this.
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I for one believe wii success came for the hundreds of videos of wii remote > 50+in tv, now if people start to replicate that using wii u, that'll give everyone a reason to buy one! Yes?
Ha! Made you read.
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New Super Mario Bros. U
Zombi U
Nintendo Land
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Lego City: Undercover
And The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 are coming out this summer.
And it makes Wii games look better.
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TeraPatrick2008 posted...
there is no reason to own anything!
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What makes the Wii U next-gen? The release date?
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shendude posted...
What makes the Wii U next-gen? The release date?

Essentially. It all goes by "era". For example, the Neo Geo was far more advanced than the SNES/Genesis. But it's considered part of the same generation because of when it was released.

Those who whine about "It's not next-gen because it isn't pretty enough!" don't really understand what next-gen means.

These are also typically the same people who believe that ratings of 7 = average (from Metacritic), even if the person/site giving the score explicitly states that 7 = Good and 5 = Average.

Just roll your eyes and ignore them.
"It's all just a game, so let loose and have fun with it! I mean, a casualty or two along the way is no big deal, right?"
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It has/will have games on it that aren't on other consoles. And since most good games on PS3/360/whatever are on PC, I get them on PC.
Therefore, to play games that I do/will enjoy, I have reason to own a WiiU.
Also, since my regular Wii broke back in 2011, I needed a new/fixed one. Wasn't going to pay for a Wii that couldn't play Cube games, so waited it out for something worthwhile.

My opinions anyway.
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