Reggie and Miyamoto to host Pre-E3 Event

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Nintendo has revealed to the press that there will be a presentation hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto prior to E3. Previously, Nintendo had announced that it would not be holding its regular, worldwide-focused pre-E3 press conference, instead hosting two smaller presentations, and using the expo to focus on upcoming software for North America. Despite this, Nintendo still plans on letting everyone know exactly what games are going to be on the show floor before the press gets their hands-on time with them.

Nintendo has yet to announce a specific time or day when the presentation will take place, but we will keep you posted on any information that comes our way.
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Article back up. This part is new:

Nintendo will be holding the presentation on Tuesday morning, before the floor will be open up for all. After the presentation is concluded, the press members will be able to try the new software before everybody else. It is unsure at the time of writing if the presentation will be viewable for the public as well.
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When does E3 start and when would this event be? Seems like a better way to get attention. Maybe it'll be the week before or something.
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Article suggested that this is the presentation that will occur on the Tuesday Morning... just Miyamoto will be there.
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Will this get people to STFU about no big press conference?
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Makes you wonder why they didn't just have the conference. Why are they being so secretive?
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I had a feeling this was going to be their method of execution, I actually find it to be interesting, and believe it or not, smart to focus on the games as opposed to trying to go big and spend massive amounts of cash. I feel we're going to get more info. on upcoming titles, and some that have not yet been announced. Oh God, if the rumoured Dynasty Warriors 8 Wii U port comes true, I know exactly what platform I am getting that game for.
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mike_411 posted...
Makes you wonder why they didn't just have the conference. Why are they being so secretive?

Nintendo's always secretive.
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