CNN confirms Nintendo is tone deaf and behind the times

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For all its magnificent games and past successes, Nintendo has always been a little tone deaf when it comes to detecting and embracing new gaming trends. That brashness is finally catching up with the legendary video game company.

The company sold only 3.45 million of the Wii U video game consoles during the first quarter, badly missing its own target of 4 million. The hand-held 3DS gaming device has also been a disappointment outside of Japan.

Making matters worse, Nintendo's solution to the problem is a head-scratcher: CEO Satoru Iwata last week announced his support for in-game transactions and subscription-based payment models.

As secondary concepts these are fine, but if Nintendo thinks this is what gamers really want from a modern console, it has lost touch with reality.

For decades now, it has been this type of thinking that has plagued Nintendo: The company is cognizant of the latest trends and shifts in gaming, but it chooses to disregard them in the name of simplicity, or family-friendly gaming. Instead, Nintendo frequently opts to develop its own warped, counterintuitive take on the latest trends.

Since the launch of the Gamecube in 2001, Nintendo has shied away from online gaming and entertainment-based features that were popular on rival consoles, such as the Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) Xbox or Sony (SNE) PlayStation. When it did finally offer some of these features, they were often half-baked (see: Nintendo's "Wi-Fi Connection" online gaming service). Others were largely unavailable to the masses (see the Panasonic Q, the Gamecube with the DVD player that only came out in Japan).

Sometimes Nintendo's push to be different has paid off, most notably when it released the paradigm-shifting Wii console. But the negative effects of that tendency have never been so evident as now, with the sluggish sales of its latest console, the Wii U.

With Microsoft and Sony turning the gaming console into full-blown living room computers, Nintendo is being dragged along, kicking and screaming, refusing to fully acknowledge times have changed.

The Wii U was Nintendo's attempt to expand on its innovative gameplay ideas. But the impact hasn't been nearly the same as the Wii.

Some new Wii U features, like the touchscreen-equipped controller feel convoluted, and less innovative compared to technologies like Microsoft's Kinect camera. Nintendo games that actually take proper advantage of the motion gaming tech aren't coming from third-party developers, and Nintendo's own titles -- which are excellent more often than not -- aren't coming anytime soon.
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Anti-WiiUssurance topic.
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Anti-WiiUssurance topic.

just posting the news.
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I fail to see any confirmation from CNN.
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"With Microsoft and Sony turning the gaming console into full-blown living room computers, Nintendo is being dragged along, kicking and screaming, refusing to fully acknowledge times have changed."

This is so true. I actually don't want a full blown computer console, I already have a computer for Steam Big Screen on my TV. I was actually just playing Fez and Tomb Raider this weekend. I'll buy Sony's computer because I like a lot of their exclusives, but only because of that. I'd rather have consoles be just game systems, not computers. The interesting thing is that all the demos and trailers that the PS4 showed were just run on PCs.
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Sonyassurance topic
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**Short, cutesy comment that attempts to summarize something I probably didn't want to read, in a failed attempt to make myself look more clever...**

Did I do it right? >__<

But honestly, thanks for the share. A console that's already competing with 6 year old systems really doesn't need this kind of light shone on it. Kind of sad, really.

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You mean the same CNN that, following the Boston Bombing, had a reporter that said "it's like a bomb went off"? That CNN?

Yeah, I don't really care what they think, personally.
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