your reaction sqr enix puts the quintet snes games on the VC

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No love for ActRaiser 2?

it lacked the themes and such that made the first so great

You mean it was too hard. That's okay. It's not everyone's game.

Indeed, ActRaiser 2 was a cast iron ***** of a game to beat. It did, however, have one hell of a soundtrack scored by Yuzo Koshiro though, a fair amount of it sounded orchestrated and close to real with the instrumentation. Without a doubt it still holds up today.

You can abuse the ****out of invincibility frames in ActRaiser 2. Still harder than all things holy, but it's a path to success. And you're right, it does have a great soundtrack.

And to answer TC's question, I would love to try Terranigma, I'd probably pick up ActRaiser, but I'd pass on IoG and SB. Neither of those games aged particularly well.
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Been wanting those for years