Fact: Neither MS or Sony could pull a Wii U and live to tell about it.

#21SpideyknightPosted 5/8/2013 8:16:20 AM
Nintendo has about 10 billion in Cash, MS dwarfs that many times over. MS could certainly sell a failing console and live quite well. The original xbox is a prime example. Sony is a much more complex example, but the PSP and particularly the PSPGo were both colossal failures and yet Sony is doing just fine.

It doesn't take balls to be completely inept at this business. It isn't some macho form of courage that is driving Nintendo into the ground. It's incompetence and all the failings and trappings that come with it.
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lol Vita can't move an inch every day.
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Why are people making topics like this?
Just enjoy the systems you own..

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo - All make great systems with great games.
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Anyone have any marshmallows?
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MS could, but if their Xbox division ever became prohibitively unprofitable they'd drop it like a rock. Sony's the one that's on the verge of collapsing due to their PS division burning money and their other sectors not being able to make up the difference.
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*Nintendo starts failing*


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PS4s launch probably will be much much more rough on them than Wii U has been on Nintendo.

I expect a slow ish launch, + Sony taking a much larger loss per system than Nintendo.

In short, Sony is 100% prepared the hurt Nintendo is dealing with now, it's practically part of their strategy, and they'll survive just fine.
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Realistically, the chance of either company going out of business is slim.
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UponADarkThorne posted...
Realistically, the chance of either company going out of business is slim.

Samsung will pick up Sony and continue the PS legacy. No worries.
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