Wooo Hooo!! Sales numbers increasing in Japan!!

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Wow... in 5 months time, the wii U has sold 2/3 of what the vita sold in a year and 4 months.

wow...a fanboy mentioming sony

You're a hypocrite.

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I thought Nintendo received on average 80% of its profits outside of Japan?

Nintendo makes 80 percent of its sales overseas and, according to the Nikkei report, lost 40 billion yen ($526 million) in foreign exchange alone.


old article, but thought i would use it for reference.

They probably do. They're super popular in Japan but, despite what some people on here would you like you to believe, they're also very popular world wide as well. Remember that you're basically saying it's their sales in Japan against the rest of the world. A majority of their profits SHOULD come from outside one country.
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It's not much of an increase. And Golden Week or whatever. It's gonna take software to pull Wii U up to acceptable levels. 13k a week is still only around 50k a month. Something the 3DS surpasses on a weekly basis.

You're spinning this as bad news. You're suppose to say look everyone Wii U surged with a 60% increase in sales last week.

name one company that can complain about a 60% incease in sales.

The console will be back down next week. 13k is a joke, the fact that it's a 60% increase is just sad. It's not good news, it's not bad news, it's non-news.