There's a lot of bad news lately...

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Nintendo Cycle: I searched it up and found this gem.. LOL
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usaamahlink posted...
Nintendo Cycle: I searched it up and found this gem.. LOL

I like this one better
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thundercat2600 posted...
Quick, Nintendrones! Change the subject to Sony!!!

This is just sad.... Do you not have anything better to do? Starting off with the whole drones thing is kinda ya know... unnecessary, same could be said about you. Seeing how quick you are to shout Nintendrones in a post before they could even get there, shows exactly what type of drone you yourself are.
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OoSubaruoO posted...
Nintendo cycle.

its rather funny actually because some other consoles don't have cycles LMFAOOOO
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I don't see any bad news. Is this about EA not being on Wii U? That's not bad news, it's good news. They are a company who is in it for the money. Nintendo cares about their customers. EA has shown in the recent past that they don't care about their customers.

All companies are in it for the money. If you're trying to convince yourself otherwise, you are deluded beyond help.

You can be about both. EA is in it for nothing but the money.
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this is why they called desperado
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Ccrules2791 posted...
Someone cheer me up... any good WiiU/ Nintendo news?

We need Iwata to save this console ASAP.

you can't save something that don't need saving
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Theres less bad news than it seems, just any bad news gets repeated at least half a dozen times making it seem like theres more than there really is.
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