Sony: Make your last pathetic game so I can end this, Nintendo!

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Lol Yu-Gi-Oh reference.

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Nintendo: "That's right. I don't create original games. I create series that contain infinite sequels.

And I reiterate: Whooosh!
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LOL @ Earthbound selling units.

The Mother fanbase in a nutshell:

You've posted that HILARIOUS joke before.

Come up with better material.
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Nintendo also has X, Yarn Yoshi, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, FExSMT, 3D Mario, AND 3D Zelda.

Why people keep saying 3D Mario and 3D Zelda, shouldn't it be HD Mario and HD Zelda?

Because there's already a HD Mario (NSMBU) and a HD Zelda (Wind Waker HD).

NSMBU can not be HD Mario because we already now it as NSMBU, same goes with wind waker (it already have a name). I don't know maybe its just me but the whole 3D Mario/3D Zelda makes me think of 3ds titles plus we already have countless marios and zeldas in 3d.
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Yeah, all Sony has is Uncharted, the QTE Simulator, and Killzone, the most generic FPS of all time

Yep, the biased reassurance I've come to expect when I visit this board.
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