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What if the NX is a handheld system? What does that mean for the U?Bomber_Rocket93/27 3:39PM
I laugh at people who think the NX won't release until 2018.Artillatron743/27 3:37PM
What Wii U owners here are NOT buying Zelda U?CutthemacX83/27 3:34PM
I'm considering getting this system, what're the best VC games.
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tvmasterdoodles113/27 3:27PM
So Zelda U isn't being shown at E3. They better have something else big!HiiiiiTechnical63/27 3:26PM
I think i found a hint at bots or local multi in the Devil's Third multi trailerPedroMontana83/27 3:26PM
Annoying Gamepad issue.KartinKong103/27 3:25PM
survey about rock band on Wii U.Aguacaton93/27 3:23PM
WiiU wont connect to internet at all?natu123423/27 3:23PM
I love the Wii U.
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staysmiling123/27 3:22PM
How many amiibos have you bought this year? (Poll)
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InfinityOver0293/27 3:14PM
Name three games for Wii U you want in 2015palkia1973/27 3:08PM
Splatoon price bomb before release
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shaunme553/27 3:06PM
2 amazing looking retail (partial) 3D platformers are coming to Wii U this year!
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Shad0wg00n143/27 3:03PM
If the next Paper Mario has a plot I don't want it to take itself seriously.
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McmadnessV3223/27 2:58PM
Who has preordered a Nintendo NX? (Poll)
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jackynkurttims563/27 2:55PM
I wish there was FF VC.
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Whinpful263/27 2:31PM
Longest lifespan of your Nintendo controller is. (Poll)
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maizemaize283/27 2:29PM
wii u madden 13 online multiplayerkdimm5513/27 2:21PM
splatoon is looking to be so amazingAceMos43/27 2:13PM