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Would Splatoon stand a chance? (Poll)
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Gamepad turns on by itself with Nintendo ad, then turns off?BCAM198454/25 9:11PM
The Wii U2
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cheesecake4lyfe134/25 8:49PM
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Earthbound vs. Mother 3 (Poll)
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Greeny78554314/25 7:52PM
Reading this incorrectly?? Major difference between WiiU/PS4 is memory threads!
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Infinity8378174/25 7:42PM
So what kind of games can you play on the wii u eshop with only a gamepad?derpdaderpy34/25 7:38PM
Best fight-pad/fightstick options?da_StoOge24/25 7:10PM
Wii U cant connect to internet, im about to lose my s***
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TehZapp124/25 6:49PM
Anyone else having stalling karts in Mario Kart DS?Defhimself14/25 6:35PM
Mario Kart evolutionY S94/25 6:32PM
The Mario Kart DLC reminded me how much I enjoyed MK8.
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monkeyspoon114/25 6:16PM
Anything known about Mario Maker?
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L0Z114/25 6:14PM
My Smash Wii U disc (problem)
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Mozzil184/25 6:08PM
Can we at least get an eShop Exclusive Advance Wars f***ing Nintendo?xXDa-KidXx94/25 6:04PM