Nintendo is now less profitable than SONY. Sony made 6x Nintendo's profit FY12

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Hey OP, what was Sony's game division profits? That is a more comparable number.

17 million

That's not bad FOR SONY STANDARDS.
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I'm just revealing your inner animal, puppet.


sounds kinky.
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Well this is awkward...Gameinformer reports they only made 18 million from gaming...
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Nintendo sells strictly games and also released a new console.

Of course their profits will drop the first year.
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sony sold 500 buildings just to get more profit that nintendo lol
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yeah pretty skewed since Sony makes tons of electronics whereas Nintendo only has their hands in the gaming pot... compare gaming numbers and we can have a real discussion...
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Oh look, another troll topic!!
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The reason I posted this was to bring a dose of reality to the Wii U board.

Ever since Nintendo started its downward spiral in 2011, Nintendo fans have been incapable of having an honest discussion of Nintendo's failings. Every time it comes up, they immediately change the subject to Sony. As if failing is okay as long as someone else is failing even worse.

Well, news flash: those days are over. Sony is operating a more successful business than Nintendo. Now maybe you guys can have a frank (and past due) discussion about what NINTENDO is doing so very wrong.

Here's a conversation starter: Nintendo had a $366 million operating loss last year. They spent more than they brought in. What are they doing wrong?
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Sony is operating a more successful business than Nintendo.



Having to sell buildings to make money does not a successful company make.
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