Wii Street U Update Adds Miiverse Support, Other Features

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Wii U users who’ve downloaded Wii Street U can update the application to receive new features. After performing the update, you’ll be able to take pictures of places you’ve visited and post those pictures onto Miiverse. Below is a list of what features the update adds to the app. For those who don’t know, Wii Street U is currently a free download from the Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Can register places as favorites
Nine new recommended spots added
Miiverse support
Take pictures of places and post them to Miiverse, can view others’ contributions, as well
Can tag your pictures with your thoughts. The tags include “normal,” “awesome,” “beautiful,” “unusual” and “scary”.
Can also view pictures based on a certain tag
Can now “spoiler” your images as well, which covers up the image with a question mark

Source : mynintendonews
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