Is there a reason why Nintendo finds it necessary to sexualise children?

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AceMos posted...
my only problem is the skirt she needs pants

i wish they would let you customize your avatar

No, she needs a dress.
And once every season, if you're character is female, she'll become a super powered psychopath, that can take on legendary Pokemon with her sheer anger and hatred.

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AdamLazaruso posted...
Just look at the design of the new female lead in Pokemon X/Y:

Meh. Dawn was better.
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AdamLazaruso posted...
Just look at the design of the new female lead in Pokemon X/Y:

In serious debate- the Japanese have a pedofillic culture. Don't believe me? Look at their anime and manga a. They are obsessed with youth

America is pedophilic too. Look at their television:

Oh wait, you can't take one part of the country and use it to generalize all its inhabitants. Who would've guessed?

Also, the Pokekids have always looked like cute anime teenagers. Were you complaining a decade ago when we got May?

You seem to be under the false impression I am american.

Americans have always lacked class. I don't deny that.

Then you're just an ignorant citizen of the world. Congrats.
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Shankspeare posted...
LMAO....Wasn't there a 80 topic last week about how Nintendo censored a butt but now they are perverts. LOL yall are bipolar.

That's because a true gamer doesn't care about sides in things like this, it's not about that! Being a true gamer means always complaining about things in the least constructive way possible. And then complaining about people who complain about other things!
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Skirts and stockings are sexual? Really?

I went to a conservative Catholic high school, and all girls had to wear shorts, and everyone wore stockings in the winter.
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New question: Why is this topic in the Wii U board? Is Pokemon X/Y coming to Wii U and I just didn't hear?
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Troll topic.
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She doesn't look like a child to me.
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You guys should be more accepting of Japanese culture.
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Who is sexualized in the OP's picture?