Devs sending back Wii U devs kits

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3 years ago#111
3 years ago#112
Seems to be the opposite of the ps4 dev kits. We all know the sony listed developers "as confirmed" that were not confirmed. When some of those developers were questioned they said they wanted to develope for PS4 but they didn't get a dev kit, which sony rectified.

I think Nintendo needs to form some kind of video game consulting group on how to better develope for the new hardware. Nintendo is not learning from other's mistakes. Sony made a mistake going with the "weird" processor, nintendo follows the same. I think sony had to work with some developers to help them understand the how to program for the cell processor, now nintendo better do the same.
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3 years ago#113
Warmonger222 posted...
If this is true...I guess its not the devs fault after all.

I dont know if many people thought it was. Its well known that Nintendo is absolutely horrid when it comes to anything related to online. They suck at VC, they suck at the eshop in general, they suck at updating games, they suck at offering DLC, they suck at communicating with devs about how to actually implement DLC.

Nintendo is completely inept in every way, except their own handful of franchises. They dont do anything else well. Well were seeing that catch up to them now. Almost noone is making games for the U. So basically what that means is even if the U takes off later this year, 3rd party games are years away because they arent in development at all right now. Its a mess, which can be fixed by the way, but Nintendo needs to shape up and get with the program. They just arent proactive with this stuff like Sony and MS are.
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3 years ago#114
Nintendo has a very long and well-documented history of being hostile to the rest of the industry, and to retailers. Their behavior back in the NES days was nearly Orwellian.
3 years ago#115
Panner posted...
Rumors are coming in that up to 10 developers have returned their untouched Wii U developer kits to Nintendo. Currently 9 of the rumored 10 are unknown, but earlier this week one stepped forward to admit they had no idea how to use the hardware. Avalance Studios, the developers of the popular Just Cause series, stated that they had initial plans to develop new games for the Wii U but felt lost as to what to develop. The studio mentions that they believe the Wii U is a “cool” idea, but that it’s not the right direction for their studio.

According to Avalanche, there was no contact from Nintendo and themselves, so there was no incentive to develop. Apparently this is common among third party developers and could be the reason that Wii U owners are not seeing DLC for popular titles. It was announced that Injustice: Gods Among Us will receive DLC support this summer after several weeks of radio silence, but according to developer NetherRealm Studios, that’s because Nintendo wasn’t talking to them about how to distribute the DLC.

Of course, Nintendo was giving away Wii U dev kits to third-party developers a few months back, so it could be that one of these developers simply decided not to go through with the deal. We won’t know until more step forward, but it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes with Nintendo and third-party developers. If these rumors are true, Nintendo is going to have to step up the ball and treat third-party developers better than this.

Nowhere in that article (which ive copied and pasted) does it say that Nintendo just sent them out.
Nintendo arnt going to just post out a piece of kit that cost roughly £10.000
If you want a dev kit then you have to request one.
It was only free because Nintendo thought if they waived that fee then more devs would be onboard.

and in your made up fantasy business world you assume that 20K is a large sum of money. Its annoying to listen to the everyday game talk non-sense about business.
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3 years ago#116
darkqueenhelba posted...
deathslove posted...
Wow the nintendo fanboys in this thread are hilarious, calling 3rd parties lazy liars and talking trash about them just because they are not developing for wii U, because nintendo was the lazy one and couldn't conduct business properly and get back to their contacts. So those contacts moved on.

Let me guess you guys also think those devs are "sony ponies" who are secretly trying to destroy the wii U.

What part of, they got their dev kits, did you miss? They should have been working with it from then on and made further arrangements with Nintendo afterwards. So yes, LAZY! That's like applying for a position and you get a call for an interview and you ask the interviewer to come to your house to conduct the interview. Sorry...not going to happen.

perfect example, of the sofa businessman (woman). They know everything, running a business and making money is as easy as telling your workers to not be lazy. R&D, exepnses, risk...they don't matter. What matters is having faith, that's what runs a business.
If you don't like the smell of pigfarts, stay out of the pigpen.
3 years ago#117
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