Sold Zombi U and Monster Hunter 3 U for RE Revelations

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I got $70 for both at this in-town gamestore that some stoner guy runs.

May 21st needs to hurry UP!

Oh to be 8 years old with no income, no job, and basically a leech to ones parents again... The life of the child pawning his/her video games at a store and giving the middle finger to the companies who make the games they love by refusing to give them any money.

This is the dumbest post I've read all day long.
How is prepaying in full towards the purchase a new game giving them the finger?
LOL Epic fail!

No point in keeping games you no longer play that will only drop and value and collect dust.

I just destroyed your lame attack from here to kingdom come.
Your trolls skills are abysmal.

Get better.
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I stopped selling games to gamestop back in 2002.
Last time I ultimately stopped was when I attempted to sell Gran Turismo 3 to GS.

They offered $0.05 cash or $0.20 store credit.

never again.

BS pure BS

How is that BS?
it was a AAA title and I tried to sell it 2 years before ps3/360 came out.

Gamestop only gives you a $1.25 for halo 3.....

in 2011 i sold svrl old crapy ps2 games each got me 2-3$s

so i know your full of crap

Doesn't even matter if you don't believe me, it's not like you was there.
If it didn't happen then I wouldn't have said anything at all right?

What game, and was it at gamestop?
I don't believe you.
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Getting rid of Monster Hunter??? For shame.
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overkillwfo1978 posted...
Getting rid of Monster Hunter??? For shame.

SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!! Did I mention shame? SHAME!!!
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You poor fools getting ripped off need to learn to use ebay. Yeah they rip you off with fees as well, but at least you get ripped off less then gamestop..,.
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