Your reaction: Half Life's devs drop out from MS to make Metroid Prime for Wii U

#1Numbuh100Posted 5/12/2013 8:35:46 PM
Good job for these guys to realize what the good console is, right?
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#2NamcoMuseum2Posted 5/12/2013 8:37:05 PM
Valve is not part of Microsoft.
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#3Enigma149Posted 5/12/2013 8:38:01 PM
My reaction: How long was I asleep?
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#4DoomsSDPosted 5/12/2013 8:40:53 PM
Ignoring the fact that Valve aren't owned by MS anyway- my reaction would be "meh".

I'd rather Valve make Half Life games than make Metroid ones.
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#5Oni_TaedoPosted 5/12/2013 8:44:21 PM
Valve doing Metroid Prime? Well, it'll look pretty, play like ass, have a god awful story, and be praised as the video game equivalent of the second coming of Jesus.
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#6ViperEO2Posted 5/12/2013 8:45:45 PM
Well I enjoy Valve properties, I don't think they are suited to the tone of MP series.
#7Virus66Posted 5/12/2013 8:47:27 PM
NamcoMuseum2 posted...
Valve is not part of Microsoft.

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#8Soanevalcke6Posted 5/12/2013 8:48:02 PM
Valve isn't part of Microsoft, and They havent made anything resembling a Metroid Style game, so i don't know why you would want that.
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#9PendragoonPosted 5/12/2013 8:48:45 PM
Valve is quite unhappy with Microsoft over Windows 8, which is why they are working on Linux support for more games.
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#10_Sovereign_Posted 5/12/2013 9:01:40 PM
Virus66 posted...
NamcoMuseum2 posted...
Valve is not part of Microsoft.

Not only this but I've never liked a single thing Valve has put out, especially not the L4D crap. Would I try MP if they did it? Yes, but I wouldn't have high hopes for it.
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