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Hiten Mitsurugi S 3 years ago#11
Rasputin77 posted...
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
StarBladeEdge posted...
super is it !

Watch what you say, that could be taken as in insult and you could get modded.


XBL: Hate Pad Scrubs.

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

3 years ago#12
I find it very polite. There are so many great artists.
Any suggestions for a husband for Maribelle?
Why are Kairi's early game fetch quests so tedious?

User Info: Xylymphydyte

3 years ago#13
The doodles are fun but all the comments seem to just be pandering or pointless me-too-isms. Not even memes or something, just people saying positive things or "Yeah if you agree!".

It makes me feel like I'm looking into some alternate dimension, like the world of Demolition Man or something.

Someone ask them how to use the three sea shells for me.
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