Used Wii U for $250 with Monster Hunter Ultimate and a HDD, is that a good buy?

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Barter with him and try to talk him down to 200. People usually take lower than their asking price, if not then they usually never sell it.
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Tell him $200 is a lot more than the pawn shop will give him. And convince him that he will be able to buy another one for quite a bit cheaper in the near future if he decides to.
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solosnake posted...
Eh, to be honest I'd wait. Wii u might end up going the way of the dreamcast if they don't get things turned around soon.

Never going to happen. Nintendo could simply rerelease Mario Kart Wii on the U with no new features and it would be a console seller. Mario and especially Mario Kart have too much marketability now.
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It was $230 actually.

The guy is a friend of my brother and he has a crap ton of collectible stuff.

I'm digging the thing, although this will be my last week to have with it as school starts in a week, but I figured since I was buying one eventually, I wouldn't even find a deal that good new. Thanks for the posts though. :)