Please help me with system transfer!

#1Frison11Posted 5/14/2013 7:17:58 PM
I cant seem to transfer my wii data to my wii u. I thought I followed the process step by step but when I get to the transfer screen it says, " This card is not the one prepared for use with the target Wii U console. Ive only used one sd card so im not sure why im getting this message. I used a nyko wiimote the first time now it wont even pair with my wii u. Also when it says download to wii system or sd card ive selected sd card every time. What gives? I can't believe this has become this difficult. Can someone give me a short step by step if theyve had this problem also?
#2picanoPosted 5/14/2013 7:26:40 PM(edited)
it says download to wii system or sd card ive selected sd card every time

Wait up. Are you actually talking about using or downloading the transfer app? It sounds like you are trying to download it. If so, here's what you need to do, step by step:

1) Download and install the transfer app on to your Wii and Wii U (download to the "Wii" not to "SD Card")
2) Start the (now downloaded) transfer app on your Wii U.
3) Follow the on screen instructions. (It may ask you to start the app on the Wii, do so.)
4) At some point the Wii will start a pikmin themed transfer animation; this will copy over files from your real Wii to your SD card. This may around 30 minutes.
5) Once the animation is complete, it will prompt you to go back to your Wii U and insert the SD card again, it will show the pikmin again --- but moving in rather than out.

It should be complete after this.

If you have troubles with that, the official FAQ / video might help:
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