So how do you think Miiverse should handle moderation?

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I think Nintendo should come to this site, study the moderation,... and do the exact opposite of it.


We need Castlevania: Bloodlines on Wii U VC.
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There should be a setting for age, and you do not mark things to be deleted, you mark things for age appropriateness. So all messages start out E, but those with parental locks can not see them yet. They then get marked if they are viewed as to risque for E and a mod makes a determination of the age requirement to see it.

It could stay E, or go to T M or A. If a post is not marked in a certain time frame or found to be E rating, it is open to be viewed by people with a parental lock. The same would apply if their was a lock up to Teen, etc.
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It's not Nintendos fault. They have to live up to the American standard, which in my country (in Europe) is ridicules.