Two new games confirmed for the wiiu

#1Deeprest1Posted 5/16/2013 2:10:08 AM
Well, they were revealed a day or two ago but:

Scribblenauts: unmasked

Putty squad
#2tyrolzallPosted 5/16/2013 2:56:34 AM
Someone call Guinness.
#3Schwepps01Posted 5/16/2013 3:00:18 AM
Well actually they're both games that are coming for the 3DS. Nothing to see here.
#4BrokenBandit84Posted 5/16/2013 3:22:28 AM
Not Interested....
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#5ElectricMolePosted 5/16/2013 3:35:20 AM
ugh, and double ugh...nothing that gets my blood fired up.
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