So The Game Pad is just a controller with a Screen....

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parthos566 posted...
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Ignorance at its finest.
Honestly, don't you guys pay attention or do some research before open your mouth?
It is more than obvious that the Gamepad is just a controller.

Yea I found that out through the article I posted, because you see Nintendo didn't specifically come out and just state that this was an OVER GLORIFIED CONTROLLER. They LEFT ALOT OF GREY AREA. Pretty funny how threatened Nintendo must feel by the mobile market.

And any/all trolling aside, if your not tech savy it is easy for the general consumer to confuse "The GamePad" with a "Tablet".

Nintendo was more specific with the controller than with the console itself. You mustn't be a genius to realize this controller isn't a device with GPU, CPU and stuff, Dunno if people expect too much or I expect too much from people.
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This thread is stupid.
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*Rubs temples* god I can feel my IQ decreasing every time I read one of these threads.
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meh I've seen worse on this board
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