It's a shame this is what it takes for Nintendo to get off their butts...

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The April sales figures (or, rather, sales figure estimates) were just released a couple of days ago. That's not enough time to write, collect footage for, produce and film a Nintendo Direct. Much like videogames, Nintendo Directs don't just appear out of thin air at the wave of some Nintendo executive's hand.

But, of course, this requires logic to understand, so...... continue discussing it.


I'm sorry but do you even know how business works? You do know that Nintendo has an idea of what sales figures are way before the numbers are released just based off the units shipped, right?

Yeah, I know how business works. Sales figures are not reported to Nintendo by retailers throughout the month and retailers don't always order systems at a 1:1 rate against what they sell. Mind you, that's just the tip of the iceberg as to how shipped numbers aren't an exact indicator of what's happening at the sales counter.

It seems to me that you're the one with the very incomplete understanding of how business works.

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TC they have done a ND every month for a while now you do know this dont you
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