Should gamefaqs require proof of system ownership to post in its boards?

#71blazeUP12Posted 5/19/2013 8:37:50 AM
No, this isn't Miiverse
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Rasputin77 posted...
"Posting opinions on a forum dedicated to something you don't own is trolling" is really blowing my f***ing mind this morning, lol. MAN... I mean... wow. -__-

The thing is while yes people do post opinions, you CAN troll with an opinion. I'll use one of the worst trolls:


All Endgame does is say his opinion of how much he hates gaming. At some point normal posters would simply not post in certain forums because they hate said game.

Trolls will often use their opinions to troll people in manners similar to Endgame.
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Well, squatch wouldn't be able to post here, but I would.
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Sure. Why not?
It will end the fallacy that if people complain about something its because they don't have it/can't afford it.
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I use to own a 360 til RROD so I don't have proof just rage.

But I did get some experience like spending more time getting my console repaired then actually playing it.

Some people sell old consoles.
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