Honestly, if the WiiU turns out to be another Gamecube, it's alright by me

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From: 4_passing_sites | #001
Wind Waker
Luigi's Mansion
Metroid Prime
Paper Mario ttyd
Animal Crossing
Phantasy Star Online
Viewtiful Joe

Say what you will about the GCN, these ten titles were great games. Arguably, a few of them are among the best games ever released.

Despite the GCN being regarded as one of Nintendo's worst consoles, it still delivered quality titles that more than justified itself as a system purchase.

The WiiU already has some of the above titles slated to appear and if by the end of its life cycle it has a list like this, I'd call it a success.


gamecube was so good
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I'd be fine with that, picked up a game cube towards the end of it's cycle used for a bill along with a bunch of exclusives and it was great. Res evil remake, eternal darkness and metroid prime were 3 of my favorite games. Once there's a solid library of wii u games I'd do the same.