Xbox One controller designer: Touch screen controller not useful to consumers

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lp913 posted...
Non-handheld gamers are definitely getting exposed in this thread!

Pretty much. People who don't know the comforts of touch-screen use with more traditional games really have no credible opinion about this.
Read the mania:
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translatation. we want you to buy one of our tablets for that.
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Yes, just like Nintendo said RPG's were terrible when Square left, or that online was not necessary when they didjnt have it.

They're just saying it to belittle the competition.
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Used games are not useful to consumers.
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YoyokuKO posted...
*waves hands around*

LMAO!!! so good
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If he's saying that a touch screen at all is useless to consumers, then he's blind to the success of tablets and the DS.

If he's saying that a touch screen with a console is useless to consumers, then the truth remains to be seen--we'll know for sure by the end of this generation.
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I had a friend tell me that the new Xbox was going to be able to use an ipad as a second screen... was that confirmed today?
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Triggers with no extra shoulders to replace the missing L2 and R2 aren't useful to consumers :P
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I guess they knew that their reveal was a total flop so they're resorting to deflection now.
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