More and more media outlets listing a Wii U version of CoD Ghosts.

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good for CoD fans I guess

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Darkside_Shadow posted...
Dogpad features or bust

Nintendogs of Duty: Bones.

The happier your dog is, the more accurate his shots are.

Innovative voice commands utilizing the GamePad offer a unique style of play.

New "bathroom" system creates challenges that would test your judgment on when to strike first or let your dog do its business.
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Just another DLC-less port I assume.
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But will the Wii U version have a dog?
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It didn't look very graphically impressive so I wouldn't doubt it.
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biggy204 posted...
Thats nice, im not a fan of CoD, but the Wii U needs games like this to even have a fighting chance against the other two. Yes I believe the Wii U sales may still be unchanged even after E3 and during the holidays when all three consoles go head to head.

That is one stupid opinion.

You cannot honestly believe it will sell at the pathetic pace it is now once it gets system sellers like Mario kart right?
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