How well do VC games emulate on the Wii U?

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Also, I am curious. Can you pick and choose which VC games to transfer over to Wii U? For example, I'd rather play SSB64 on Wii because of the GCN controller compatibility (my Wii is an old one). I'd rather not transfer over Super Smash Bros. (64) because of the controller. Can I eliminate it from being transferred over to a Wii U? Also, how well do VC games emulate on Wii U? I've read that there are some problems with game emulation.

Awful black borders= no buy

It's called a 4:3 aspect ratio. A lot of older games simply do not fit widescreen 16:9 displays properly at all as they're incredibly stretched out of proportion.
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Just so you know, TC, there's a third party adaptor out there that allows you to plug your Gamecube controller into your Wii Remote in order to have it register as a Classic Controller. In other words, if you use it, you can play SSB64 with a GC controller.
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