#31EchixirPosted 5/23/2013 9:26:49 PM
I can haz 5:11 tiem nao plz?
#32The_OllynatorPosted 5/23/2013 11:16:21 PM(edited)
PC+WiiU+3DS (Own already)

Will certainly consider getting an XBone or PS4 pending price/games, but doubtfully either at lauch - too much good stuff coming to WiiU/3DS this year, and most of the excluded titles from these two systems I can easily get on PC (Eg. GTAV). I'm not of the opinion that the XB1 is immediately 'terrible' based on one mediocre conference that wasn't dedicated to games in the first place - but I'm certainly not interested in 75% of the features they announced so the price might be tough to justify if I am indirectly paying for the services/R&D.
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#33iKhanicPosted 5/23/2013 11:22:19 PM
3DS+Wii U+MAYBE PS4 much later in life.
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#34mlahodikPosted 5/23/2013 11:24:25 PM
WiiU, 3ds, PC, Vita and I'll keep my ps3.
Was thinking of possibly the PS4 but kind of getting frustrated with certain developers, so not sure yet.
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#35GigantLuffyPosted 5/23/2013 11:26:16 PM
Xbox One is all I need. 4.9 Terraflops of planetbusting power.
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#36doofy102Posted 5/23/2013 11:28:53 PM
PS4 and a WiiU towards the end of the next console cycle. I might pick up a 3DS if it's library keeps getting greater and greater.
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#37GoonerByronPosted 5/23/2013 11:53:56 PM
Currently I'm on Xbox360/PS3/WiiU/3DSXL/Vita..

Once next gen hits I'm confident it will be PS4/WiiU/3DSXL/Vita, Microsofts doing nothing for me anymore... Might lose the Vita also, it's been gathering dust even with PS+ while I play my 3DS daily.
#38EnVy_CaLiBeRPosted 5/24/2013 12:00:13 AM
PS4+Wii U+3DS XL+ Vita

The PS4 is all that is left.
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#39Chocobo115Posted 5/24/2013 12:01:41 AM
PS4 + Vita + (maybe a Wii U.
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