how much space does the average save game take up?

#1manmousePosted 5/23/2013 11:20:13 PM
so i'm one of the many who are, after getting a taste of what's to come from the other guys, is leaning towards purchasing a WiiU soon. probably won't be for a while as i just moved and need to lock down a new job first, but i wanna weigh my options.

so i know there are 8GB and 32GB WiiUs, and a clear price difference between them. ideally, i'd like to pay less and just get the 8GB, but would i regret it? for those who have them right now, how much space do different games take up?
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I have the 8gb, but you need to remember after the OS and such you only have about 3-3.5gb left on the console. I have an external drive hooked to mine and planned it from the start. Both consoles use flash memory for the 8gb and 32gb they advertise. I wanted the white one, so that's what I got. Hooked up my external and now I don't worry about space.
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I'm not sure how much space they take up.

However, for the record, there's more in the deluxe edition than just being 32GB. You get a game (and actually good one, people underestimated Nintendo Land after Wii Sports) and $5 back for every $50 you spend on digital purchases. 'Course, if you're so against getting an external hard drive that you're worried about saved game space, I guess you won't be making that many digital purchases...
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